Friday, June 8, 2018


What i found challenging?. Finding the right ingredients for the experiments, Getting the right amount, Not making a mess all the time. What i found exciting?. The mixes and the experiments, The play dough that we made was marvellous, Making all those awesome science tests.

Friday, May 25, 2018

magic biscuits

Story starter! Brian had often bought things from the market that had turned out to be the most outrageous, disappointing fakes ever. He had presumed that the magic biscuits would have been exactly the same. How wrong he had been. He was really surprised of what had happened that day. next time he should think before he does shouldn't he. The next day he stated to search up “how to shrink animals” on his computer and it came up with some kind of biscuits that shrink animals to their original state unless they are all ready then they would just shrink to the size of a grain of rice and the time to shrink takes 3 weeks long so he rang the shop and purchased the item and he feed the dogs three times a week and after three weeks his dogs were at their normal size the end. Question time! What had happened when Brian fed the biscuits to his dogs? They became oversized its on the picture to. How quickly did they grow to this size do you think?I think about a week because look at the size of those dogs there HUMONGOUS!!! and it should say on the packet of dog biscuits. Did Brian give the biscuits to anything/anyone else? No because it would say in the story or be seen in the picture. Have the creatures stopped growing? may How will Brian keep them as pets? build a giant house for them What are the benefits/problems with having such enormous pets? 1.itl coast a fortune on them. have to pick all the GIANT POOP UP EWWWW!!! 3.they will dig giant HOLES IN THE!!! Ground 4.they are a safety hazard as well. 5.they might break your house and your other positions that you have. 6.they'll have stinky odders around them and the house. 7.You will have to get a GIANT BATH!!! For him. 8 you'll have to give them over sized food and water i mean where would you even get all that stuff from. Is there a way for Brian to restore his animals to their original size? No I don't think so unless there is some kind of a magical potion or a magical food that can shrink animals to their original state/size.